Build Wealth No Matter What You Earn

money growing out of dirt

Whether you’re an experienced investor or just starting out, diversify your portfolio with a mix of assets to get the best returns and match your age, circumstances and risk level.

Whether you’re facing an unexpected financial event or wanting to jumpstart your investments, a trustworthy financial advisor can help you get organized and set a path to your financial goals. Just be sure you hire the right advisor for you.

Match your risk tolerance to make the best investment decisions. Identify risks for goals such as retirement or short-term goals like vacation.

Successful investors outperform others by knowing their risk tolerance. Assess the outlook, costs and objectives to make good investments.

Use this savings and investment accounts cheat sheet to understand low-risk and high-risk investment options to beat inflation.

NEFE's Wealth Care Kit is an easy-to-use guide for taking charge of all that's important in your financial life and giving you practical ways to manage money. You'll evaluate your current financial situation in five key areas: estate planning, income tax planning, insurance, investments and retirement. You will identify short- and long-term goals, and develop a plan to reach them.

Know how mutual funds make money. Recognize common fees when investing and how to buy mutual funds or pick funds for an employer retirement plan.

A stock is a share of a public corporation. Choose the best stocks based on the value of a company and a company's potential growth.

Understand what makes you wealthy and how to grow your wealth by treating money differently. Save more and don't lose to inflation.