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Save Money This Summer

Creative Ways to Take a Vacation at Home

Use these creative ways to take a vacation at home. Empower your kids to explore your hometown or turn routines upside down for a fun staycation.

Get Organized and Clean Up Your Finances

Get organized and clean up finances to reach financial goals. Consider consolidating and updating accounts to save on penalties and unnecessary fees.

Grow Your Own Food to Cut Costs

Grow your own food to cut costs, whether it's a backyard garden or a plot in a community garden. Get starter plants and advice to cut food costs.

How to Choose the Right Pet Boarding Facility

Know red flags to choose the right boarding facility for your pet. Research vaccination and entry requirements, accommodations and cost.

Plan Your Summer Vacation

Plan for hidden travel costs to save during vacation, including how to pay bills when on vacation, and understanding travel insurance coverage.

Save Money on Summer Utility Bills

Save money on summer utilities with smart investments for more efficient energy and water usage. Ways to save on water and energy bills now.

Save Money on Your Barbecue

Save money on your barbecue by shopping smart with coupons, using mobile shopping apps and finding deals at the grocery store and butcher.