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Love and Money

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What does it cost to be in a romantic relationship? People in relationships spend more than single people thanks to gifts, travel and personal care.

Curious how getting married affects finances? Here’s how to plan for taxes, benefits and savings after you tie the knot.

Cheap (and Free) Valentine's Day Ideas

Looking for cheap or free Valentine's Day ideas? Try spending more time than money to celebrate your love and stick to your budget.

Have You Ever Been Financially Unfaithful?

Our annual Harris Poll on financial infidelity finds that 2 in 5 Americans admit to lying about or withholding money information from their partner.

Have You Lied to Your Partner About Money?

If you or your partner has lied about money, you're not alone. Hiding purchases, accounts and financial bills can lead to relationship money problems.

How to Have a Happy Financial Divorce

Getting divorced is hard enough, and uncoupling finances is only one part of it. Litigation is one outcome, but divorce mediation and counseling also can help.

How to Come Clean About Money Secrets

We hit the streets of Denver to ask about love and money. When should couples have "the talk" and is it OK to keep money secrets?

Make Relationship Money Goals

Set financial money goals in your relationship to improve your joint finances.

Manage Your Finances in a Divorce

Manage your finances in a divorce; consider child support and college saving as you divide assets and make a post-divorce spending plan.

Discuss Financial Goals Before Living Together

Protect yourself when joining finances. Build your own credit and discuss financial goals as a couple. Split expenses fairly and be honest about debt.

Save Money During Wedding Season

Save money as a wedding guest. Pool money for wedding gifts and plan for hidden costs of wedding season such as travel and child and pet care.

Should You Combine Finances?

Weigh the pros and cons of combining financial accounts after marriage, including impacts on credit and taxes — and what happens if you get divorced.

Talk About Money Goals Before Your Engagement

Before getting engaged, talk about money with your future spouse. Discuss goals and spending philosophy to avoid spending too much on a wedding.