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Kids and Money

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If your adult child is financially dependent on you, it could be time to help your adult child take financial responsibility with these tips.

Don’t assume your child is learning personal finance concepts at school. Find out if your state requires financial education to graduate from high school and talk to kids about money concepts at home.

Find the best summer child care for your budget such as day camps, play groups, nannies, play groups and child care centers.

Help young adult children manage money by researching banks and setting up bank accounts. Explain credit options and risks when using credit.

Help kids make good money choices with the Financial Identity quiz. Activities to teach kids about money based on their financial decision process.

Calculating how much it costs to have a baby includes unpaid work leave as well as prenatal check-ups, delivery and hospital costs.

Get kids involved to improve family finances. Lower utility bills and cut spending to create a successful family spending plan.

Millennials are successfully reaching key milestones, yet they struggle with basic money management and long-term planning. Financial education could be what’s missing.

New parents can plan for financial success with proper insurance, creating a will and saving for the future including college and emergency savings.

We all want the best for our children. We want them to have good values and an education that will help them become successful. And, of course, part of that education includes learning how to manage money. The Simple Steps to Raising a Money-Smart Child PDF suggests various ways to introduce children to financial concepts based on their age.

Teach kids the value of money with age-specific tips. Teach younger kids money skills with games; involve adult children in financial decisions.

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