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College Planning

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When you’re headed off to college, there’s a whole lot to learn. This is particularly true in the world of finances. For the first time, you’ll be responsible for some big bills and for managing your own cash flow. We’ve put together 40 Money Management Tips Every College Student Should Know to get you started.

Whether you’re pursuing a higher education degree or your child is headed to college or trade school, there are scholarships for every age and type of student.

How you and your child spend college savings depends on how much you've saved and the type of account. Maximize 529 money by spending strategically.

To know if it's better for your child to live on or off campus, consider factors such as meal plans, renters insurance, transportation and roommates.

Make a plan to save for your child's college and know options including 529 college savings, prepaid tuition options and Coverdell accounts.

Money management can be tricky. Help young adults track spending, create a budget and improve their long-term financial well-being.

Parents, plan for your child's college costs. Compare health and car insurance, have an emergency savings plan and beware when co-signing on debts.

Plan for college tuition and cut expenses with alternatives such as textbook rentals. Update FAFSA when incomes or the family situation changes.

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