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Economic emergencies come in all shapes and sizes — from unexpected medical bills to natural disasters and job loss to fraud. Plan for life’s surprises with practical, achievable solutions for establishing a financial safety net and knowing how to manage your money in times of crisis.

Getting a job you love takes time and thoughtful planning. Explore SAM’s resources to help you and your children pursue higher education, choose a career, change careers and make the most of your current employee benefits.

Talking about money is key to healthy family dynamics. Get SAM tips to plan for life events ranging from joining bank accounts and planning for a baby to teaching kids about money and managing aging parents’ finances.

There are many reasons to celebrate throughout the year, and almost all these events involve spending money. Get SAM tips for mindful spending before, during and after holiday celebrations.

Home and transportation expenses quickly can eat up your monthly budget. Get useful information to cut costs and make the most of your money.

Protect yourself from unforeseen circumstances and maximize your tax benefits based on your lifestyle and values.

Plan for your own golden years and get tips to help your aging family members with their changing financial needs.

Just about everyone wants to save more and grow their money faster. SAM’s articles and resources can help you set goals to meet your long-term saving and investing needs.

You make decisions about your money every day, and it can be hard to think about the long term when you feel like you’re living paycheck to paycheck. But even with limited resources, there are ways you slowly and steadily can prepare for the future. You may have to start small, but with a solid spending plan, you can see where your money is going and cut waste you didn’t know you had.

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