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1: Behind Your Values

Why Do You Make the Decisions You Make?

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The decisions you make every day are only partially based on facts and logic. For example, logically, you know that healthy foods help your body perform better than junk food. But even though you have this knowledge, and even if you want to eat well, you still might find yourself reaching for a doughnut instead of a banana.

Why? Because the other part of decision making is influenced by inner drivers that you likely are not even aware of. Everyone develops ideas of their needs, wants and “shoulds” beginning in early childhood and these ideas change throughout life depending on your experiences.

Despite your logical voice telling you to eat the banana, your inner drives might look for comfort, or even rebellion, by eating the doughnut instead.

These needs, wants and shoulds become the values that affect all of your decisions. They come from many sources, including:

  • Parents, guardians, siblings and other family members
  • Friends and peers
  • Teachers, coaches and mentors
  • Groups you belong to (religious organizations, clubs, teams)
  • Organizations and authorities (service agencies, police, community groups)
  • Media (news, social media, movies, TV, magazines, music, advertisements)
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