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3: What You've Learned

How to Use What You've Learned About Your LifeValues

owlWhen we are unaware of our values, we randomly feel our way through the Inner, Social, Physical and Financial LifeValues without consciously thinking about it.

But, when we understand our hidden inner drivers, we can ask ourselves which option fits best with our values. We can recognize where we are on autopilot, and choose to stop doing things that cause us unnecessary stress.

Making Financial Decisions

When faced with a financial decision, examine your choices in terms of the four LifeValues. Ask yourself questions like:

  • Which option will make me feel more secure or in control? (Inner)
  • Which option will help me enjoy my surroundings more? (Physical)
  • Which option will connect me with others? (Social)
  • Which option will be most appropriate, given my resources? (Financial)

Compare your answers to how you scored on each of the four LifeValues. If your answers conflict with your LifeValues scores, you probably will feel uncomfortable with your decision. The discomfort can be mild or intense, depending on the importance of the decision.

Use your evaluation to settle on the option that best aligns with your values in every category and that makes you feel most satisfied and comfortable.

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