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1: Behind Your Values

Social Values — Family, Friends, Community

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Social LifeValues are about feeling that we belong with other people. Caretaking, budgeting as a couple or family, and sharing expenses are part of social values. How we handle money is connected to our unique family histories, including habits and beliefs we picked up from our parents, siblings and childhood experiences.

Social LifeValues connect us with other people our own age, like friends and peer groups, as well as organizations, clubs, political parties, cultural and ethnic groups, and our community, city, state and nation.


  • The desire for belonging with family members, neighbors, friends, coworkers and communities
  • Includes organizations (e.g., clubs, sports teams, schools, professional groups)

Areas of Influence

  • Desire to be alone or with others
  • Caring for others
  • Charity and volunteering
  • Budgeting and sharing expenses with a romantic partner
  • Feeling connected to to political parties and representatives
  • Social justice and civil rights

Effect on Money Habits

  • How you handle money is, in part, tied up in your unique family history.
  • Habits and cultural rules learned from your family and other close relationships influence your later money habits.
  • Sometimes you might unconsciously “act out” in your adult money habits in response to messages you received in childhood
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