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1: Behind Your Values

Physical Values — Health, Environment

beach chair and umbrella

Physical LifeValues are about the tangible aspects of life: the material world around us, as well as our physical health and well-being. Physical values relate to the amount of space we need to feel comfortable and our desire for possessions. Physical values are about feeling comfortable in our bodies, homes and environments.


  • The tangible aspects of life, the external world, our physical health and well-being

Areas of Influence

  • Amount of space we need to feel comfortable
  • How satisfied and fulfilled we are by beauty and material possessions
  • Physical comfort of our bodies and what we do to stay healthy
  • Desire for pleasure and comfort
  • Appreciation of art, fashion, architecture and design

Effect on Money Habits

  • Strong physical values might make you spend a lot of money on material possessions, but not always. Sometimes strong physical values show a desire for quality. For example, you might be willing to spend more for craftsmanship and design.
  • Strong physical values might cause you to get more insurance to protect your valuables, or to spend money on home improvements and self-care (e.g., gym memberships, beauty treatments, dry cleaning, interior design).
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