LifeValues for Spouses and Partners

Stay financially connected with your partner to ensure your budget is on trackIf you are in a relationship where your financial life is connected to another person—sharing finances, sharing financial decisions, or your financial decisions affect each other—you will see the most benefit if you both participate in the LifeValues exercises and LifeValues quiz.

The issues you uncover can help smooth the way for improved communication and mutual understanding. In fact, the relationship benefits that will emerge are immediately transferable to the other personal and professional choices you will make in life.

Getting Started

Work through the  LifeValues quiz and the LifeValues exercises. Spend some time reflecting on your own life history and decision-making style. Then ask your spouse or partner to take these exercises also and then compare your results. (Download a PDF version of the LifeValues Exercises and Quiz.)

  • LifeValue Exercises. Have a talk about where and how your values differ and where they are compatible.
  • LifeValues Quiz. Compare each of your scores in each of the four domains. Discuss the similarities and differences in your values, particularly where your spouse or partner scores low and you score high and vice versa.
  • You can strengthen your financial decision making where your values are in alignment, perhaps moving even more quickly toward your goals.
  • When your values are not in alignment, you will gain insight into your partner or spouse’s financial history and motivations when making financial decisions. This will help you negotiate future financial decisions, as you will better understand what aspects are firm and which you are willing to compromise or concede.