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3: What You've Learned

LifeValues for Financial Educators

If you are a financial educator, counselor or advisor, LifeValues is designed specifically for you to use with your learners.

When you listen closely to your learners’ values, you can quickly discover what matters most to them. Soon, you begin to see value patterns among learners that, paradoxically, will help you focus on their individuality. Understanding the cultural contexts in which values are formed by individuals can help you motivate them to value financial competence. We believe this is key to effective financial education that makes a lasting difference in the lives of your learners.

You can use the LifeValues exercises to help your learners to align their behaviors with their values. 

Getting Started

Download and review the comprehensive LifeValues guide for educators: Values-Centered Financial Education: Understanding Cultural Influences on Learners’ Financial Behaviors (PDF Download).

LifeValues Quiz

Work through the LifeValues quiz to practice some self-discovery before you attempt to guide your students through the process. Spend some time reflecting on your own life history and decision-making style. You also can download a PDF version of the LifeValues Exercises and Quiz.

LifeValues Exercises

Try asking a partner, spouse or friend to take the quiz also and then compare your results. Have a talk about where and how your values differ and where they are compatible.

Incorporate the LifeValues exercises and LifeValues quiz into your sessions with learners. Suggest to participants that they share results in small groups or with another person, and then with everyone in the larger group.

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