LifeValues Discovery: Next Steps


You have taken an important step towards understanding how your personal history and values influence your financial decisions.

Take the next step and use what you have learned about your LifeValues to improve your financial decision making so that your spending, saving and investing better reflects your unique values. Use the complete LifeValues Guide (PDF) for a more comprehensive look at at your LifeValues.

If you are in a relationship, encourage your spouse or partner to do the exercises and take the quiz. Compare your results and discuss similarities and differences in your values. Use what you have learned to negotiate more harmonious financial decisions in the future.

Your priorities — and your quiz answers — may change over time. The LifeValues quiz can be an excellent tool to consult whenever you are facing a major life decision: career change, marrying, starting a family, buying a home, retiring, taking over the care of an aging parent, or any planned or unplanned major life transition.

Grounding your choices in your values can help to prevent and avoid poor life decisions — and point you in the direction that is right for you.

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