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1: Behind Your Values

Learn About the Four LifeValues

magnifying glass over a brain

The LifeValues Quiz is a research-based tool to help you better understand why you make the decisions you make. The quiz takes only a few minutes and measures where you are in terms of four values (those hidden inner drivers) that affect your decision making, whether you are aware of them or not.

There is no right or wrong amount of each value; every individual will fall somewhere on a spectrum for each one. Think of this as the recipe that makes up who you are right now. Throughout your life, your values will shift depending on your circumstances. Making different choices changes your outcomes, which shifts your experience, and changes where you are on the spectrum of each of the LifeValues.

Before taking the quiz, read about each of the values. Then once you have your personal LifeValues recipe of the moment, read about the values again to see what stands out to you. This knowledge might help you make different choices.

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