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1: Behind Your Values

Inner Values — Psychological, Spiritual

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Inner LifeValues are personal. They include our identity and our social identity, the desire to worship (or not) as we please, our need for safety and security and many other aspects of the “real me.”  Inner values also shape our sense of purpose and meaning in life, and the principles by which we live. We all have such values; they are rooted in how we see ourselves and how we believe others see us.


  • Personal identity (how we see ourselves)
  • Social identity (how we believe others see us)

Areas of Influence

  • Sense of purpose and meaning in life
  • Desire to worship (or not)
  • Need for safety and security
  • Desire for freedom and independence
  • Control over goals and priorities
  • Need for personal space
  • Preference for working alone or with others
  • Outer success vs. inner happiness

Effect on Money Habits

  • Strong inner values means trusting your gut and following the inner voice, which can help you get through a sudden money crunch.
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