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1: Behind Your Values

Financial Values — Sufficiency, Sustainability, Appropriateness

growing money

Despite what it sounds like, having strong financial values doesn’t necessarily mean being wealthy or even having a lot of financial knowledge — a person with very little money can still be driven by financial values.

The person with strong financial values desires accuracy, organization and discipline. He or she thinks about getting the best deal, and recognizes perks beyond pay, such as a retirement plan and health care, when assessing a job offer. Even if he or she isn’t formally investing, a person with strong financial values enjoys growing their money.


  • What we think or believe about money
  • Even people without a lot of money can have strong financial values

Areas of Influence

  • Having enough money
  • Wanting money to last
  • Making appropriate money choices
  • Bargain hunting and getting a good deal
  • Saving for long-term security and short-term goals

Effect on Money Habits

  • Strong financial values can mean you enjoy saving and growing your money.
  • You might think more carefully about your purchases than other people, and resist needless spending.
  • People with strong financial values can be great financial educators, both professionally and personally, giving guidance to family and friends.
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