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1: Behind Your Values

Changing the Message


Every time you make a decision, you tap into your values in search of the choice that will move you away from frustration, fear or discomfort and toward peace and calm. Every time you make a decision, you look for the option that will make you most comfortable. Whether you know it or not, you sometimes choose options that are not good for you because they are easier and cause less stress in the moment.

Financial decision example: Should I make this purchase?
Inner drive: Will this purchase make me feel less frustrated and stressed?

Personal decision example: Should I trust this person?
Inner drive: Will trusting this person ease my fear and make me feel more peaceful?

Health decision example: Should I eat this cupcake?
Inner drive: Will eating this cupcake make me feel more satisfied right now?

You already know what happens when you do things the way you’ve always done them. Whether your goal is to stop a bad habit or to start a healthy one, the key lies in making different decisions than you normally do.

So, even if your logical mind says “Don’t eat the cupcake,” your inner desire to feel comforted might overrule what you know is best for you. Once you recognize that the voice in your head telling you to eat the cupcake is really crying out for a feeling of relief and comfort, then you can search for other ways to give yourself what you really want, instead of going into autopilot. You might still eat the cupcake, but you will know why.

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