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Pathfinder Stories: Casey

Huddle of friends and Casey at graduation

What do you care most about? That the collective human race thrives.

How is this evident in your life choices? I am working toward becoming an economic consultant to help create social and infrastructural institutions that empower and better humankind.

What can't you live without? Human interaction.

What do you buy or pay for that you could (and maybe should) live without? Cigarettes.

How do you make a living/earn money? Working as a data analyst.

What would you be doing if you didn't have to make money? Seeing the world.

Who has most influenced your life? My older brothers. They have led the way and been outstanding role models. I've also been able to see their flaws and try to avoid the same pitfalls they've faced.

My favorite recreation is: Social drinking.

The last vacation I took... was to Seattle to see a friend.

My last social media post... was about people going to Mars and consenting to die there.

Who is most important in your life? My family.

Who do you spend the most amount of time with? My mom and dad.

What's the best advice anyone's ever given you? I once read about turning the arrows and swords of misfortune into flowers in a book by Pema Chodron.

Casey enjoying himself at home
Casey with friends as Mario characters and a palm tree

What's the worst advice anyone's given you? Get a career to make money.

I feel most at home... when I'm at home.

I feel most like an outsider... in a group of strangers.

My friends... have been with me since kindergarten.

My enemy... is ignorance.

I love... laying in the sun after a cold winter.

The last thing I bought was: A 12-pack of beer. It made me tipsy.

What do you want in life that you can afford? Another 12-pack.

What do you want in life that you can't afford? A city that is 100-percent self sustaining and has no carbon footprint.

What's your American Dream? Making peoples' lives better.

When I encounter an obstacle to getting what I want I... step back and consider the broader picture. I often find that there's another route to what I want, or that I may need to simply work harder.

two glasses of bear on a table with a snow skiing helmet
water flowing from hose

According to The New York Times, $10 billion annually would be enough to provide for those who currently have no access to water sanitation.

My earliest memory about money was... selling mini tacos to my friends in school.

Describe your relationship to money: It's necessary, but I honestly believe that we could organize society in a better way than the monetary economic system.

Who has most influenced your finances? My mom has guided me in saving and investing wisely.

Who do you turn to or where do you look for guidance when you have financial questions? Google.

What are your three greatest financial challenges? Saving enough money for retirement, having money to spend on having fun and having money for basic needs.

How much debt do you have? $0.

How do you feel about the debt you have? I could be more leveraged, but I'm risk averse when it comes to debt.

What three things could you do to change your relationship with money? I could give more to charity, spend less on needless activities and save more for the future.

What financial rules or recommendations seem like sound advice to you? No matter how small your paycheck, put some away for a rainy day.

the words give back written with stones
hybrid car being recharged

What financial rules or advice seem absurd to you? Our convoluted tax system. It's riddled with inconsistencies, inefficiencies and poorly construed incentives.

My best trait is: My desire to achieve.

My worst trait is: I dream bigger than I act.

What do you collect? Nothing.

What vehicle do you own? A 2009 Honda hybrid. I save a lot on gas and I think Hondas are good vehicles.

Cash, credit or debit card? Credit. Two-percent cash back is like a discount on everything.

Stability or adventure? Adventure.

More or less? More.

Beverage of choice: Beer.

Favorite meal: Right now, Ethiopian food.

Favorite possession: My laptop.

What has no one ever asked you that you wish they would ask? How would you go about changing the world?

How would you go about changing the world? We live in a world dominated by individualism and we've somehow become convinced that a society organized around a monetary system is both inherent to being human and is the most effective way to breed broad social improvement. What if there are better ways to organize society? I would devote more resources to discovering how we can organize human society to maximize the human benefits for everyone, with the belief that a rising tide lifts all boats.

a mountain lake in the autumn

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