A new Budget Wizard is on the way!

We are getting ready to introduce a new and improved tool in mid-May 2017. In preparation, if you would like to keep any of your existing budgets (or if you create a new budget between now and mid-May) please print or email them to yourself so that you have the data available for your own records.

~Thanks – The SAM Team

Budget Wizard

Creating a budget can feel overwhelming, but SAM's Budget Wizard makes it simple. The budgeting tool doesn’t require you to share any personal account numbers and keeps your information confidential. Get started with five simple steps.

How it Works

Click here to create a new budget.  You will first be required to log into SAM or create a SAM login.  After doing so, select “My Budgets” on the MySAM page so that you can get started in five easy steps.

  1. Give your budget a name (For example: Monthly)
  2. Enter your income
  3. Input any monthly savings
  4. Add your monthly expenses
  5. Save your budget to the toolbox

What You Will Need

Before you start creating your budget it will be helpful to have your income and expenses handy. Or you can get started now and log back in to update the budget as you get more information.

The savings category includes any savings not taken directly out of your paycheck. For example, you might be putting $25 into a vacation account or $30 into a child’s college fund.

The expenses category will include how much you spend on groceries, TV entertainment, dining out, etc.