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Basic Step #4
Shop Smarter

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Increase Your Purchasing Power

Plugging spending leaks frees up cash so you can focus on turning your dreams into reality. Another way to "find" money without actually making more is to make smarter spending decisions. See how many of these purchasing tips you can incorporate into your spending in the next month:

  • Avoid impulse purchases by making a list for every shopping trip, and sticking to it.
  • Take only cash on shopping trips and do not spend more than you have.
  • Buy generic store brands at supermarkets, when possible, and when the quality of the products is acceptable.
  • Compare prices. Look for sales and off-season bargains.
  • Consider using coupons. However, be careful. Often a brand-name item still costs more with a coupon than a store brand.
  • Buy large quantities of things you use often. Try to buy these items on sale and stock up. Be careful not to buy more than you realistically can use.

These are just a few ways to stretch your dollars. Find more tips in SAM’s Control Spending Topic.