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4: Make Your Plan

Set SMART Transportation Goals

Now that you know what your acceptable transportation options are, focus on the goals you have to set to make your top choice happen. Use the SMART Goals Worksheet to get you started.

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  • Goals
    • What exactly must be accomplished to make this transportation option work?
    • Who should be involved?
    • Why do you want to accomplish this goal? 
  • Examples
    • My old car is too old to keep fixing, so I want to buy a new car. I need to:
    • Calculate the monthly transportation costs I can afford without stress.
    • Shop around for three quotes.
    • Meet with a lender.
  • Goals
    • How will you know when you’ve achieved this goal?
    • What needs to change to meet this goal?
    • How many actions will this take?
  • Examples
    • I haven’t had a car payment in years, so I will aim to cut my spending by $200 per month.
    • I will meet with a financial coach this month to see how my credit looks. 
  • Goals
    • Do you have what you need to achieve this goal? 
    • Is the goal reasonable?
    • Will the actions you take bring success?
  • Examples
    • I will track my spending habits for the next month and set aside the amount of a car payment to try it out before I commit to a new car. 
    • I will request my credit report to help me understand my finances better. 
  • Goals
    • Is this goal worthwhile at this time in your life?
    • What meaning does the goal have for you? Is this just something that others think you should do?
    • If you pursue this goal, does it take away from other goals you have?
    • Are you willing to commit to achieving this goal?
  • Examples
    • A new car will ease my stress about potential breakdowns and repairs.
    • I will adjust my driving habits to try public transportation at least twice a week for the next month to save on gas and wear and tear on my current car.
  • Goals
    • What is your deadline?
    • When do you need to take action?
    • What can be done today?
  • Examples
    • I will aim to save $2,000 over the next six months for a down payment.
    • I will meet with three potential lenders in the next month. 
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