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3: Analyze Your Circumstances

How Likely Is It?

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Looking toward your future can help you set goals for staying financially fit – no matter what changes lay ahead. Use the Life Circumstances Worksheet to assess how likely you are to experience these life changes in the next three, five and 10 years:

  • Change in Marital Status (marriage, divorce, separation)
  • Children Added to Family
  • Drivers Added to Household
  • Drivers Leaving Household (e.g., child leaving for college)
  • Job Change
  • Retirement
  • Salary Increase
  • Planned Medical Leave or Sabbatical
  • Job Loss or Temporary Layoff
  • Change in Driving Habits (e.g., increased driving for work, more trips to see relatives)
  • Change in Residence (move to another home or city)
  • Major Car Repairs
  • Increase in Other Expenses (e.g., major home repairs, college tuition)
  • Change in Public Transportation Access or Availability
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