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2: Size Up Your Situation

Gather Your Transportation Numbers

Tennis shoeUse the Transportation Numbers Worksheet to assess your current transportation needs, methods, expenses and options:

Are You Losing Time?

Is your driving time productive? One advantage of public transportation is that you are freed up to read, work, play games, listen to music, meditate, etc., without worrying about watching the road. 

Time in the car can be productive too. Maybe you learn new things by listening to podcasts, relieve stress by singing at the top of your lungs or foster relationships by making phone calls while you commute — using a hands-free device, of course. 

By examining your commuting habits, you might find ways to use this time more creatively. Or you might discover that your life would be enriched by trying out new ways of getting to your destination. 

Make Your Mileage Work for You

When you drive, more mileage means more wear and tear on your vehicle. When you walk, bike or use other self-motored transportation, those same miles are opportunities to log steps on fitness trackers and step counters.

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