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2: Size Up Your Situation

What Will Your Retirement Look Like?

Watch this video from the Department of Labor on what you want your retirement to look like.


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What will your ideal retirement will look like when it happens? If you haven’t thought about it yet, take a few moments and ponder this question. It may be harder than you think to imagine yourself as a retired person. You may actually find that other financial concerns hinder you from thinking too far into the future. But give it a try right now.

crystal ballVisualize Your Retirement

Visualization is one way to help achieve your retirement goals.

The best time to visualize is in the morning just after waking or at night just before sleep.

  1. Detail your retirement. Focus on a mental image of you as a retired person. Engage all your senses in your visualization. What are you seeing, doing, feeling, smelling or hearing when you retire?
  2. Envision daily life as the retired you. Who is with you? What emotions do you have? What clothes do you wear? Where do you live? How do you move around? What actions do you take?
  3. Practice the visualization for a few minutes each day.

If possible, take pictures of yourself doing what you envision. You can also create pictures from clippings or graphic images. Using affirmations throughout your day can focus your efforts. For example, “I am happily retired and taking my grandchildren to the movies each week.”

Ponder Your Progress

Ready for your gut-check? It’s time to think about the retirement you want and what you’ve done so far to get there.

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No matter what selection you’ve made, it’s going to be OK. The important thing about retirement planning is understanding that it needs to happen sooner rather than later and that you must monitor your progress.

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