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1: Introduction

What is a Life Transition?

Some things in life are certain: You and your family members will age and, as part of the normal flow of life, your needs will change and new obstacles will arise. Then there will be the inevitable surprises that you can’t predict. You might not know for sure if something will happen, but you can assess the likelihood of certain events based on your lifestyle and family history.

What do life transitions have to do with personal finance? Quite a bit, actually. Regardless of your income, a change to your circumstances, planned or unplanned, can affect your financial situation radically. Even positive changes such as marriage or a job change can bring new challenges.

The Life Transitions Road Map and Crisis Checklists

This course introduces the Life Events and Transitions Road Map as a way to work through your emotions, feelings, thoughts and observations about a crisis, and proactively face transitional events. Crisis Checklists are also included to help guide some of the actions you will need to take in certain transitions.

While we can’t tell you exactly how to handle your specific circumstances, the Life Transitions Road Map and checklists can help you slow down, take a deep breath, and begin charting your actions.

You are encouraged to download the Life Transitions Road Map for a reference as you proceed through the course so you can practice with it before you face a big challenge or change.

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