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3: Analyze Your Circumstances

Research Potential Help

Once you have worked through your initial emotions, separated your thoughts from your feelings, and observed the circumstances free from judgment, you can start to assess your resources. In addition to your personal network, look for resources online and in your local area.

  • Research support groups, associations and online communities.
  • Visit a local library, community center or other help organization.
  • Do a web search for your situation + “help” or “resources.” (e.g. “Death of a spouse resources”)
  • Call 2-1-1 A way to find information on resources in your local community. and research your city, county and state government websites.
  • Contact your employer’s human resources department and find out if you are eligible for employee assistance program (EAP) services.

My Help List

Use this worksheet to get you thinking about what help you need and who can assist. Start by brainstorming specific things that would ease your stress or manage your to-do list during an event or transition. Your list might be very high level (e.g., “I need someone to help me figure out Mom’s end-of-life care strategy”), or your list could be immediate (e.g., "I need someone to pick up the kids from school this week”).

my help list

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