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4: Make a Plan

Managing Your Finances as a Caregiver

assistive walker

Lucy found herself financially stressed when she became a caregiver for her parents.

“My mother, Jean, had Alzheimer’s for more than 10 years before she died in the summer of 2015 at the age of 83. My father David, 84, was diagnosed with vascular dementia in autumn 2009, and I continue to visit and care for him at his assisted living home on a regular basis. Caregiving deepened the love I have for each of my parents, but the challenges were bigger than I could have imagined.”

“Because of the length of my parents’ illnesses, my finances became strained. It was easy to push aside and ignore my own financial worries because of the more pressing physical and emotional demands of caregiving.”

“The advice I wish I would have heeded most was my parents’ happy and loving voices before they were sick, reminding me to take care of myself and to give more thought to my own future. If you are starting a journey as a caregiver, my advice to you is to remember that the people who love you most, the very ones you may be caring for, would never ask you to sacrifice your own well-being.”

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