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4: Make a Plan

List Unanswered Questions

list your unanswered questions

Often life transitions are stressful because we don’t know what to expect. It can help to hear about others’ experiences, but everyone’s circumstances are unique, so the chances are slim that you will find someone who has been through your exact situation.

Add to this the emotional charge of a crisis and your mind could be a mess of tangled thoughts and fears.

Once you have taken the time to process your emotions, identified your self-talk and inventoried your resources, you can get down to the raw facts. What do you need to know to move forward?

Start by making a list of all your unanswered questions. There is nothing off limits. You do not have to share this list with anyone unless (or until) you are ready. You might have categories of questions — legal, medical, financial, personal — so don’t expect to have all the answers right now.

Use this worksheet to list your unanswered questions and help you work through them.

unanswered questions

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