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5: Conclusion

Life Events and Transitions Resources

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The following resources are organized by some life transitions you may be experiencing. You may also reference any of the SAM courses identified in the Course Conclusion for extra help.

Download the Life Events and Transitions Roadmap

Crisis Checklists

General Resources

  • SAM’s LifeValues Quiz
  • Nonviolent Communication Resources
    To learn more about managing thoughts, feelings and beliefs, research terms such as nonviolent communication, compassionate communication, and active listening.
  • presents a confidential Benefit Finder tool to help you identify federal and state benefits for which you qualify. Use the following tutorial to help you.

Adoption, Birth or Family Member Addition

Aging, Illness, Disability and Death


Employment and Employment Benefits

Family and Money

Fraud, Identity Theft and Scams


Marriage or Joining Households

Natural Disasters

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