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3: Analyze Your Circumstances

How Much House Do You Need?

Big house little houseNot everyone would choose to live in a mansion, even if they had the money. Some people prefer cozier spaces and find big houses overwhelming.

Some people love having lots of room inside, and don’t mind just a small patch of yard, while others would give up square footage inside for a big plot of land. 

Think about all the members of your household — will your kids need separate rooms soon? Are you tired of making your in-laws sleep on the sofa when they visit? Have you always wanted a separate dining room or detached garage? 


Use the Housing Plan Worksheet to brainstorm the elements of your family’s dream home. Think about the types of space, rooms, storage and outdoor areas that you prefer. Don’t hold back at this point — this is just to get a clear sense of your ideal situation. But be somewhat realistic as well. It’s fun to fantasize about your dream house, but it’s more useful to brainstorm what type of home would make you feel secure and comfortable, allowing you and your family to thrive.

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