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4: Make Your Housing Plan — Rent

Check Your Knowledge

Before you sign your next rental lease, rate your readiness to make your next move.

I know the required move-in costs, and I’m ready for them.

I’ve studied the lease and I know what I will need to pay if I have to get out of the lease early.

I know what my security deposit is and what I have to do to get it back.

I have crunched the numbers and I know what I need to pay monthly for rent, utilities and other living expenses.

I know what my lease says about having pets and roommates.

I know what fees I will be charged for maintenance items and trash pickup.

My renter’s insurance is selected and it will protect my possessions from fire, theft or other damage in the rental unit.

If you are unsure about any of the above items, you still have some homework to do. Review the areas of this course related to those topics to ensure you have a complete understanding before moving.

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