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4: Make a Plan

Reduce Your Health Care Costs

This course has presented several strategies to monitor and reduce health care costs. Which ones can you immediately employ and which ones will take some time to implement?

Review the strategy on the left and check the corresponding time period in which you think you can get it accomplished. If the strategy does not apply to your situation, select the Not Applicable column.

Strategy 1 to 3 Months 4 to 6 Months 7 to 9 Months 10 Months to 1 Year More Than 1 Year Not Applicable
Use employer-sponsored wellness programs, discount prescription or service cards, free preventive services or generic drugs.
Negotiate for services with providers (either on my own or with an advocate).
Seek private, employer, health exchange (marketplace), Medicare or other federal health coverage.
Enroll in tax-advantaged health accounts (flexible spending, health reimbursement or health savings accounts).
If military, look into additional options available for previous and current service.
Understand my health coverage through review of deductibles, copays, exclusions, etc.
Look for providers that are “in-network.”
Ask for “cash price” for medications and services.
Use remote health services through insurance provider or another service.
Investigate community centers for health services including oral, mental, vision and substance abuse care.
Monitor stress levels, be physically active, eat healthy, sleep well and control substance abuse.
Verify health-related billings, keep records and challenge or negotiate charges.
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