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2: Size Up Your Situation

Rate Your Health Care Viewpoints

Thinking about health care can be daunting. This course focuses on what you can control, especially during times of industry and legislative changes.

Start by assessing how you feel about managing your health care. What emotions do you have? Do you think much about your health and the costs to maintain it? What do you hope for in your financial future as it relates to health care?

Assess Your Feelings Regarding Health Care


Click your answer(s) below to rate how you feel about health care, the costs you incur and your ability to pay for it. Your replies are anonymous and we do not share or save your personal information. Please see our Privacy Policy and Terms for further information.

Agree Not Sure Disagree
I have a health care plan (or other coverage) in place.
I value the benefits my health care plan provides.
I understand how my health insurance plan works.
My health care costs are part of my whole money management plan.
I feel in control of my health care spending.
I know my options for seeking quality, affordable health care.
I have a plan for paying for my health care, including health emergencies.
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