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2: Size Up Your Situation

What’s in Your Future?

crystal ballWhere do you see yourself in the future? Sounds like a loaded question, right? After all, it’s hard enough to think about what you’ll be doing next year. So thinking about your future self – say, 25 to 30 years from now – may be daunting. Instead of focusing on retirement, allow yourself to dream about the life you want to lead as you move into the future. Concentrate on the life you’ve always wanted to live. What characteristics define your life and when do these things occur?

What Do You Want Your Future to Look Like?

Think of yourself as a financially secure individual both at this moment and in the future. How do you live your life as that person? What dreams could you fulfill in this life?

We all want something different for our future, and the concept of future is different for each of us. What will yours look like? Mark a timeframe for each “future” concept in the Future Aspirations Worksheet.

You probably have other, more personal concepts for your future as well. Print this worksheet off and add them to it.

Rate Your Confidence Level

Now think carefully. How confident are you that you will be able to achieve the items in the time frame indicated?

  • I will achieve all in the timeframe indicated.
  • I will achieve some in the timeframe indicated.
  • I most likely will not achieve any in the timeframe indicated.
  • I simply don’t know.

various social media iconsWhy is This So Hard?

Thinking about your future is difficult. We all live in the present moment, especially in this era of social media, when you snap, tweet, click and post updates about your life constantly. But no one follows your savings progress or clicks “like” when you pay down your debt. Adjusting your living now for your future life probably isn’t exciting to anyone but you. So you have to find ways to track your progress and celebrate your own successes in ways that feel meaningful.

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