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2: Size Up Your Situation

Identify Your Resources

In addition to having money in the bank or investments, think about other resources you have that support your lifestyle and future needs, keeping in mind that some resources may not be financial. These become your community resources.

Examples include:

  • Friends, family or business people who can help you in your financial decisions.
  • Community services that offer public transportation options, education centers, job training or cultural events.
  • Schools, hospitals, churches, libraries or recreational centers that offer free or reduced-cost clinics, child care, education and training.
  • Work benefits such as life insurance policies, legal help, identity theft protection or health programs that reward you for positive behaviors.
  • Anyone you know who can provide connections to credible advice and expertise you may need.

List Your Resources

Brainstorm people and assets in your life who are community resources. Write down names of people, organizations and services as well as the functions they serve to help you build toward your future goals.

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