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Meet Barbara

Barbara has it all planned out – a girls’ getaway weekend combined with seeing her son in Michigan. She is leaving in three weeks and she has saved up specifically for the trip.

Fortunately, Barbara always has been a good saver, putting away some of her paycheck every month for things like emergencies, trips and retirement. Barbara made the following spending plan for her vacation: 

Infographic: Barbara's trip detail

Cost of Trip


How Did She Do It?

Barbara’s spending plan allowed her to afford a $957 vacation by spreading out the charges across several months — using some savings, some cash and some credit card charges.

By taking out cash to cover unexpected costs and “fun” money, Barbara is able to track how much she has left. But she also doesn’t feel like she has to spend it all. Whatever is left over will go back in her savings or will help pay the post-trip credit card bill.

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