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Record Keeping: Can You Locate Important Financial Documents?

Getting organized is an important step toward achieving a financially fit lifestyle. Collect important documents and create a filing system to keep yourself organized. 

Going Paperless

If you prefer to go paperless, start an electronic storage system via an external hard drive; a free online storage account from outlets like Dropbox; or cloud storage offered by sites such as Amazon, Google, and Apple. Then, take and upload photos or scans of any physical records so you can store them online along with your electronic documents. 

Secure Long-Term Storage

Whether you like hard copies or virtual, you’ll need a fireproof lockbox at home or a safe deposit box away from home to keep irreplaceable paper documents such as your birth certificate. You can find inexpensive fireproof boxes online and get annual rates for safe deposit boxes from your bank or credit union. 

Some documents you should keep in an easily accessible fireproof box at your home:

Infographic: Records keep at home

Other important financial papers should not be kept at home, but instead in a safe deposit box at a bank or credit union:

Infographic: Records keep bank
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