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Protect Yourself

Mobile phone with security lockWhen it comes to protection, you always will need to rely upon yourself. Remember:

  • Avoid anyone using high-pressure sales tactics. Do your homework and invest at the right time for you. 
  • A reputable investment professional will not:
    • Ask you over the phone to send money to purchase an investment based just on a sales pitch.
    • Ask you to make a check out to him or her.
    • Ask you to send money to an address that is not the official address of the firm or designated in a prospectus (a legal document providing details about an investment offering).
    • Give you guarantees that you will not lose money or offer to share in any losses you suffer. 
    • Suggest you make dramatic changes that are not in line with your investment goals. 
  • Collect and verify all paperwork about a transaction for your records. It should contain the date, time, amount and price of each investment you buy or sell. 
  • Be alert to recommendations that are based on inside information, limited-time offers or any other such confidentiality.
  • If something sounds too good to be true, it probably is.
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