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Make Your Insurance Plan

Use the DECIDE decision-making model to help you choose the right insurance plan for you.

Infographic: DECIDE chart

Click on each step below to see examples of the DECIDE process. Use the DECIDE Worksheet to get you started.

  • Be as specific as possible with insurance goals.
  • Example
    • “We need a health plan for a family of four that fits within our monthly budget.” 
  • What are the features you absolutely must have in your insurance policy?
  • Examples
    • “We need a life insurance policy that offers a lifetime of coverage with steady payments.”
    • “We need home, auto and health insurance to at least meet minimum requirements of the law and our lenders.”
  • Narrow down your list to two or three different insurance plans or insurance vendors.
  • Examples
    • Company A
    • Company B
    • Company C
  • Make a chart so you quickly can compare the features and prices of each of your top two or three insurance choices.
  • Examples
    • “Company A has better auto rates.”
      “Company B will work with us on disability insurance.”
      “Company C offers the most competitive rates over all.”
  • Choose the insurance plan that best matches your criteria.
  • Example
    • After looking at reviews and customer complaints online, Company C is cheaper, but has a poor customer service record.
    • Company A seems to be the best choice right now.”
  • Make a plan to regularly check on your insurance coverage.
  • Example
    • I will make a calendar reminder to reassess all our coverage in a year.
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