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The Costs of Working

Sport utility vehicleWorking provides you with income and benefits, but it also costs you money. How many of these typical indirect costs affect you?

  • Transportation – gas, parking, bus or train fares, tolls, tires for your car, oil changes, wear and tear on your car
  • Clothing – business attire, uniforms, dry cleaning or additional laundry costs
  • Meals – the cost of eating away from home during the day or grabbing dinner on the way home
  • Memberships – union dues, professional associations
  • Supplies – tools or equipment for your job, treats for co-workers or students, publications for your own professional growth
  • Child, elder or pet care – day care or special programs for children, adults or pets 

Some of these costs will apply to any job you take, but if you change jobs, you’ll need to consider the impact of the change. Will the salary make up for additional time spent away from home? Will you need new or different clothes? Consider these indirect costs before accepting a job offer. 

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