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Rate Your Work Satisfaction

Review Your Job

Just as you expect your boss to give you periodic performance reviews, you need to regularly assess your job for how well it fits your needs and values. You are in charge of how your current job fits within your career path, so take control and look at it objectively.

  • If you stay in your current job, what’s next for you? Is there a plan for growth? How can you use this job to prepare for your next step?
  • Does your employer offer training to help you improve and grow? Is your employer interested in helping you with your career?
  • If you were to leave your job, where would your current skills fit in best? What kind of job would inspire you?

A 2015 Gallup poll interviewed 485 working adults regarding 13 aspects of job satisfaction. Think through how satisfied you are with the items below and use the Work Satisfaction Worksheet to record your answers

  1. Health insurance benefits your employer offers
  2. Amount of vacation time you receive
  3. Retirement plan your employer offers
  4. Amount of money you earn
  5. Your chances for promotion
  6. Your job security
  7. Recognition you receive at work for your work accomplishments
  8. Your boss or immediate supervisor
  9. Amount of work that is required of you
  10. Your relations with co-workers
  11. Physical safety conditions of your workplace
  12. Amount of on-the-job stress in your job
  13. Flexibility of your hours
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