How to Have a Happy Financial Divorce

Getting divorced is hard enough, and uncoupling finances is only one part of it. Litigation is one outcome, but divorce mediation and counseling also can help.

What's Your Teen's Financial Identity?

Whether you've accepted it or not, your teenager or young adult child soon will need to make tough decisions regarding money and you can't always be there to guide them. Do you know if they will make the right choices?

8 Must-Ask Questions Before You Invest

Important questions to ask yourself about risk, cost and goals before you start investing.

Choose the Right Way to Save (and Grow) Your Money

The best way to ensure future stability is to start saving as soon as possible. Where and how you save depends on your goals.

How Wealthy Are You?

Regardless of what you earn, grow your wealth with these 10 tips for treating money differently.

Dos and Don'ts for a Scam-Free Cyber Monday

The holidays see a big jump in online shopping, as well as online shopping scams. Protect yourself on Cyber Monday and beyond with these helpful safety tips.

How to Use (and Not Lose) Your Flexible Spending Account Balance

If you have a health flexible spending account that you must spend before the end of the year, here are some tips for how to avoid wasting or losing your FSA balance.

Is Bankruptcy the Cure for Your Holiday Blues?

Holiday shopping can be stressful, especially if you have money worries. For some, declaring bankruptcy can offer relief, but weigh the benefits vs. the cost.

15 Ways to Harvest a Budget-Happy Thanksgiving Dinner

Need to stretch your budget this Thanksgiving? SAM has 15 ways to save on the bird and beyond.

25 Ways to Give Back This Thanksgiving

Good deeds promise high returns for your community and often require very little capital. Read our 25 creative ways to give this Thanksgiving.

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