My Financial Identity

So, You're a Trooper...

Troopers often adopt the financial practices of their parents or other influential people in their lives. They may not question or fully understand how these practices contribute to financial choices. While following the practices of positive role models is a good approach, it is important for Troopers to realize that their challenges and opportunities may be different from those faced by their parents or other role models. To make informed decisions, Troopers should seek additional information and thoroughly evaluate their options.


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Financial Identity Quiz

If you're finishing up high school, in college or just starting out in your career or independent life, this Financial Identity Quiz is one tool to help you identify where you are currently on your journey to financial independence.

There is no roadmap to growing up. While you will have to make your own way into adulthood, one thing is certain: Financial decisions are a big part of life, no matter what path you take. Understanding the beliefs, values, and other factors that influence those decisions can help you better plan for the inevitable twists and turns in the road.

There are no right or wrong answers. Go with your gut. At the end of the 12-question quiz you will learn your financial identity and receive information to keep moving forward.

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