What do you wish you would’ve known when you were younger? Everyone has something—most people have a whole list. When you’re just starting out, you make decisions based on your limited knowledge of the world and learn from the consequences. But what if you had a little help? That’s where On Your Own comes in.

Keve and friendsLatest Post: May 14, 2015

Dollars and Sense: Money and the Value of Friendship

When Keve was younger he and his friends thought they needed money to validate themselves. While his friends were off spending extravagantly, Keve learned to live within his means.

About Tenderfoots

So, you’re a Tenderfoot.

Tenderfoots are still developing their financial identity and forming their approach to making decisions about their finances. It may be that until now Tenderfoots have not had many opportunities to make their own financial decisions. This can be the case if someone has made those decisions for them or if they have not had their own money up until this point. In order to start setting their own financial course, Tenderfoots will need to gather information about the types of decisions they will be expected to make, the options available in those decisions, and the pros and cons of those options.

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